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You have the Power to Uplift souls!

Posted by Luis ManueL on August 4, 2013 at 6:35 PM

As I meditate on God's Word I know how powerful words are and how powerful they can be.Words can make you laugh, they can make you cry. They can hurt and make a person sad, or really mad.

 In the Book of Matthew Chapter 18 starting with  verse 17, Jesus explains to the Pharisees "Do you not see that whatever enters the mouth of a man goes into the stomach then is eliminated" & verse 18 He continues, " But the things that come out of the mouth, come from the Heart & this is what defiles a man."

** The more you Bless people, the more you will  Love to Bless others! I have seen a person's shoulders lift up with Well- Chosen words. Words hold the power of Life and death. You can breathe Life into a weary soul with just a natural compliment. The only voice God has on this earth that can be heard, is our voices.God is Super Powerful & with a natural compliment God can uplift a person Supernaturally. So, dont hesitate, be Free with compliments and change a thirsty soul.

Remember Proverbs 18: 4, "Words of a man's mouth are deep waters." Its never worth it to lose your cool. Anger does not profit a thing! Foul words and foul thoughts only dim the Light of your own Spirit. Let your Light shine! Practice Peace and be a difference maker.  BLESSINGS FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN AND THE LORD, JESUS CHRIST!

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